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How to Help Someone Who Binge Drinks (Plus Binge Vs Heavy Drinking)

Get Started Binge drinking is a widespread problem in the U.S. Data shows that one in six Americans tends to binge drink from time to time – with 25% of them doing it on a weekly basis. Binge drinking can not only affect a person’s health but can also have social and economic consequences. People […]

Recovering from Alcohol & Drug Misuse: A Good News, Success Stories Series

Get Started This piece is the first in a series on recovery and the good news that comes when people change their relationship with alcohol and substances.  The Good News: The Ongoing Positive Impact of Changing Your Drinking or Drug Use New research published by our colleagues at the Recovery Research Institute (RRI) has documented […]

Natural Recovery from Alcohol and Drug Misuse: A Good News Series

Get Started This piece is the second in the Good News series on recovery and the good news that comes when people cut back or stop drinking alcohol or using drugs.  The Big Picture: How Common is Heavy Drinking? Jalie Tucker and her colleagues have recently published a significant review of the field of natural […]

Drinking Due to Marital Issues: Are Marriage Problems Leading You to Drink?

Get Started Disagreements, arguments, and quarrels may sometimes occur in a marriage. However, when you are unable to deal with the stress caused by marital problems, you might start looking for unhealthy and potentially destructive coping mechanisms – such as drinking. Sometimes both spouses drink heavily in these conditions that can lead to a downward […]

Dryuary Tips: How to Stop Drinking for One Month

Get Started   Having alcohol problems and need to break the habit of drinking too much? We are all creatures of habit, and certain habits like drinking too much can be a challenge to change. This is why CheckUp &Choices recommends doing a “30”to help you start to change your drinking. Taking a “30” makes […]

Can I Learn to Cut Back and What Might My Chances of Success Be?

Get Started This is the fourth in a series of blogs on moderate drinking. The first covered definitions of moderate drinking based on years of solid empirical research. It also addressed instances where moderate drinking or a goal of pursuing moderate drinking could be hazardous to your health and well-being. If you haven’t yet read […]

Considering Your Progress in Moderating Your Drinking: What if Moderation isn’t Working for You?

Get Started This is the last of a series of posts on moderate drinking. If you’ve come here after searching on this issue, it’s likely that you’re wondering about your drinking and whether or not you should cut back to reduce alcohol-related problems or risks for problems. If you’ve not read the previous post I […]

A Review of Digital Tools for Alcohol Problems

Get Started We and others have been developing and evaluating digital tools to help people with alcohol problems for over 20 years now. And an analysis of the field (the first) has just been published. It gets a bit into the weeds but if you’ll stick with it, there’s good news at the end. Brian […]