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Good News Series: Substance Use Among Young Adults’ Post-Cannabis Legalization

Charles Fleming and his colleagues at the University of Washington have just published a paper in the Journal of Adolescent Health (a peer-reviewed journal). The study documents changes in substance use among Washington State young adults from 2014 to 2019. The authors of the study were interested in the broader impact of marijuana legalization on […]

Why Needing a Drink in the Morning Is a Sign of Alcoholism – Do Alcoholics Drink in the Morning?

Do you feel the need to have a drink as soon as you get up in the morning? Does drinking in the morning calm your nerves and make you feel better? Are you worried about your daily habit and whether you might be developing an alcohol use disorder? If so, it might be a good […]

How to Help a Binge Drinker (Plus Binge Vs Heavy Drinking)

Binge drinking is a widespread problem in the U.S. Data shows that one in six Americans tends to binge drink from time to time – with 25% of them doing it on a weekly basis. Binge drinking can not only affect a person’s health but can also have social and economic consequences. People who binge […]

Recovering from Alcohol & Drug Misuse: A Good News, Success Stories Series

This piece is the first in a series on recovery and the good news that comes when people change their relationship with alcohol and substances.  The Good News: The Ongoing Positive Impact of Changing Your Drinking or Drug Use New research published by our colleagues at the Recovery Research Institute (RRI) has documented sustained improvements […]

Natural Recovery from Alcohol & Drug Addiction (& How Bad Is a .16 BAC?)

This piece is the second in the Good News series on recovery and the good news that comes when people cut back or stop drinking alcohol or using drugs.  The Big Picture: How Common is Heavy Drinking? Jalie Tucker and her colleagues have recently published a significant review of the field of natural recovery from […]