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Other Press – Universally screening teens and adults for psychiatric symptoms in the context of all types of substance use is what we think might be most important during routine medical visits. 

Blog – Support can come in many different ways and forms. Understanding how to cope with past mistakes help us grow and move forward.


I’m very happy to have found your website today. It has given me confidence that I can control my drinking, to achieve the goals I want for myself – ultimately being happier and healthier


Research – The health gains of internet-based alcohol interventions could be substantial, because we can reach high numbers of problem drinkers

Your relationship with alcohol is deeply personal and unique. Not yet sure where you stand? Take our free assessment.

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Mutual Support Groups Support Recovery

Mutual Support Groups Support Recovery Get Started Introduction The Research Recovery Institute has published another webinar that we consider good news. Its title is Mutual Help Groups as an Addiction Recovery Resource by Dr. Keith Humphries at Stanford University. (Links to the webinar are at the end.) In this blog

Our Research Leads the Field

The health gains of internet-based alcohol interventions could be substantial, because we can reach high numbers of problem drinkers.

Effectiveness of Internet Interventions for Problem Drinkers: Meta-Analysis

Get Started Face-to-face brief interventions for problem drinking are effective, but they have found limited implementation in routine care and the community. Internet-based interventions could overcome this treatment gap. We investigated effectiveness and moderators of treatment outcomes in internet-based interventions for adult problem drinking (iAIs). To our knowledge, this is

U.S. military has traditionally had high rates of alcohol misuse and alcohol-related problems, necessitating effective treatment programs that minimize participant burden.

Alcohol Interventions in the U.S. Military

Get Started The U.S. military has traditionally had high rates of alcohol misuse and alcohol-related problems, necessitating effective treatment programs that minimize participant burden. Web-based interventions have shown promise as efficient treatment options for college students and adults but have not been widely evaluated in the military. This study evaluated

These results support the effectiveness of the computer-delivered intervention (CDI) with heavy drinking college students when used in a clinical setting.

The College Drinker’s Check-Up

Get Started The objective of the study was to evaluate the effectiveness of a computer-delivered intervention (CDI) to reduce heavy drinking and alcohol-related problems in college students in two randomized clinical trials. In Experiment 1, we randomized 144 students to either the CDI or an assessment-only control group with follow-ups

Our Press

The discussion covers urges & cravings, a genetic link with addiction, abstinence versus moderation and other topics.

Assess an individual’s unique relationship with alcohol and outline strategies to make instrumental and positive changes.

America, Can We Talk About Your Drinking?

After a season of indulgence, many Americans resolve to drink less in the new year. It’s a common pledge — many of us can recall cringe-worthy texts sent after a raucous night out or a regrettable comment uttered after that third glass of wine. These intentions are rooted in a

The availability of digital recovery could be a major breakthrough for connection to services for those most in need.

The Apps that Claim To Fix Your Drinking Problem

A lot of people are doing just that. With many of us glued to our digital devices for much of the day, web developers and medical researchers are taking note of the potential for harnessing our phones, tablets and laptops as tools to moderate drinking, or stay sober after quitting

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I appreciated the neutrality of the language as well as the clear agency given to me. I have not sought out other programs because they often seem too preachy or feel like they want to “fix” me.


I’m so happy about this option. The price of this service scared me at first, but then I thought about how much I spend on wine monthly and it seemed a good trade. Thanks for providing an attractive and easy to use support system.


I like the fact that this checkup gives me a nuanced and realistic assessment of where I stand at the moment, and what I can do next. That reduces feelings of hopelessness and depression and motivates me.


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Simple exercises help you progress at your own pace. We recommend using the guided email feature to move through the program. We’ll send you an email weekly for the duration of your program. The email will guide you through the program step by step which improves your chances of learning the tools.


Subscribers can set up customized e-mail and text messages reminding them of the change plan. These can be empowering messages, encouraging, and positive feedback supporting wise decisions. Only you know what drives you to achieve a healthier lifestyle.

Drink Calculator

Unsure about the alcoholic drink equivalent or “standard drink”? Our drink trackers have a built in calculator. You can use this calculator to find out how much alcohol is in the drink of your choice. The result will show you precisely what percentage of ethanol is in your drink so that you never have more than one standard drink.

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Important Research We Think You Should Know About​

Although patients are treated for their immediate problem, they often leave without clear plans to cut back or abstain from alcohol use and thus improve their health.

Unhealthy Alcohol Use in Primary Care – The Elephant in the Examination Room

Get Started Unhealthy alcohol use is a serious public health challenge that requires full attention. In its recommendation statement, supported by an evidence report and systematic review, the US Preventive Services Task Force (USPSTF) “recommends screening for unhealthy alcohol use in primary care settings in adults 18 years or older, including

Results suggest that alcohol control policies might need to be revised worldwide, refocusing on efforts to lower overall population-level consumption.

Health profiles and patterns of involvement in the criminal justice system among people with various levels of opioid use are poorly defined. 

Other News We Think You Should Know About

Universally screening for psychiatric symptoms in the context of all types of substance use is what we think might be most important.

Teen Drug and Alcohol Use Linked to Mental Health Distress

Teenagers who use cannabis, alcohol and nicotine are more likely to have underlying psychiatric symptoms, and worse symptoms, than their peers who are not regularly using substances, new research has found. The research, published Monday in JAMA Pediatrics, found that such substances are linked to an array of symptoms and conditions,

When the nation first declared war on drugs some 50 years ago, most doctors did not consider drug abuse part of their remit.

48 Million Americans Live With Addiction

In many ways, addiction is like any other chronic medical condition. It involves periods of remission and relapse, it can be fatal, and it is often manageable with the right support. Several unique barriers, however, make substance use disorders more difficult to treat. Some people cannot see that they have

Death rates are highest in men and adults aged 50 to 64, though they are increasing more quickly among women and younger adults.

Alcohol-Related Deaths Can Go Undetected for Years

Alcohol-related liver disease is the leading cause of death from excessive drinking — and while it’s curable in the earliest stages, many people don’t realize they have it until it’s too late to reverse.   Annual deaths caused by the disease are on the rise in the United States, having climbed

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