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Just How Much Alcohol Is Really in That Drink? Maybe More than You Think

One of the first steps in learning how to stop drinking so much is to determine how much alcohol is in your favorite drink. It may well be more than you think. Now more than ever, in the age of supersize drink pours and growing wine glasses, it’s important to understand the alcohol content %, […]

A Review of Digital Tools for Alcohol Problems

We and others have been developing and evaluating digital tools to help people with alcohol problems for over 20 years now. And an analysis of the field (the first) has just been published. It gets a bit into the weeds but if you’ll stick with it, there’s good news at the end. Brian Kiluk and […]

11 Tips On How to Deal with Urges and Cravings to Drink and Use Drugs

There are a number of ways to manage and reduce urges or cravings. There is no single best method or silver bullet. And some are more helpful early on in your efforts to change your drinking, whether it be to cut back or to stop drinking entirely. Others we consider somewhat more advanced strategies. The […]