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The 35 minute CheckUp will scientifically analyze your specific relationship with alcohol and provide you with actionable options for change.

  • Clarify your relationship with alcohol and its impact on your life
  • Quantify your current and historical alcohol use
  • Understand the current and future risks you might be taking
  • Assess whether moderation can be a successful strategy
  • Apply the cost of your CheckUp to the Choices program


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Evaluation + Education + Support

This rigorous, proven, ongoing program utilizes motivational techniques and cognitive behavioral strategies to help you moderate or completely quit your drinking. 

  • Learn how to set realistic goals and achieve them
  • Includes your initial CheckUp and CheckIn
  • Guided emails and text reminders encourage engagement
  • Identify and manage triggers for heavy drinking
  • Track and cope with urges and moods


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Your relationship with alcohol is deeply personal and unique. Not yet sure where you stand? Take our free assessment.

If you purchase and complete any program, and you are not satisfied, simply write our customer support team with your problem and if we can not satisfactorily address your problem, we will refund your money.

No, CheckUp & Choices is designed and validated to be entirely self-guided, and private to the individual.  However, if the individual chooses, he or she may certainly share the feedback or insights from the program with whomever.

No.  Alcohol Use Disorder is a medical condition requiring diagnosis and treatment by a qualified healthcare professional.  Our tools are not intended to diagnose, treat, prevent or cure any condition.

We do nothing to coordinate or seek reimbursement from health insurance entities. Certain organizations, however, will pay for the program on behalf of its stakeholders.

Right now we do not.  But our web app is highly responsive and frequently utilized by our customers.

We only offer a certificate of completion for specific organizational partners.  Individuals can, however, print and share their “Feedback Summer” or take screenshots of their completed modules.