If you’re managing an organization, you’re managing substance use
– whether you know it or not.


In 2016 the US Surgeon General explicitly called on Health Care organizations—both providers and payors-- to address substance misuse through evidence-based strategies. This is where CheckUp & Choices comes in. We bring the digital programming, the clinical perspective, and the implementation expertise to help you identify, understand and reduce substance misuse in your patients.


Heavy drinking is prevalent at Universities who are experiencing increased pressure to address it. CheckUp & Choices offers one of the most robust and rigorous alcohol-specific interventions, along with an ongoing wellness program. Collaborate with C&C to better educate your administration on student substance use and overall wellness, and give your students the tools they need to avoid alcohol dependence and alcohol-related problems, and ultimately develop a wellness mindset for life.


Helping offenders effectively address substance abuse is a crucial component for a successful rehabilitation that reduces recidivism. CheckUp & Choices is committed to partnering with state and county governments to give corrections staff and offenders the evidence-based resources they need and deserve to get back on the right track.

Corporate Wellness

Sometimes it’s hard to tell which of your teammates is struggling with their substance use. By offering support to everyone, you’re ensuring that anyone can access the skills and support necessary to overcome substance misuse. CheckUp & Choices provides programs that help make your workplace safe and your employees productive.