If you’re managing an organization, you’re managing employees impacted by misuse of alcohol and drugs – whether you know it or not.

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Enterprise and Corporate Wellness

It can be hard to tell when your teammate (or their family) is struggling with substance use. It can be even harder to know what kind of support to provide. By making clinically validated resources available, and integrating them with your company’s mission and programming, you can provide private confidential support that acknowledges their autonomy and helps prevent problems from arising before they happen. CheckUp & Choices can help make your workplace safer and more productive.

Public Health

Since 2016, when the US Surgeon General called on healthcare organizations to address alcohol and drug misuse, awareness has continued to intensify about this important but unresolved public health challenge. Enter CheckUp & Choices. We bring the digital programming, the clinical perspective, and implementation expertise. We work collaboratively with healthcare organizations to develop efficient protocols that minimally impact your patient flow and integrate effectively with your existing programming.


Heavy drinking (and in some states, cannabis use) is prevalent at universities who are experiencing increased pressure to address it. CheckUp & Choices offers one of the most effective alcohol-specific secondary prevention and wellness programs. Give your students the tools they need to avoid binge drinking, chronic cannabis use, and substance-related problems in the context of developing a wellness mindset for life.

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At CheckUp & Choices, we focus on utilizing technology accessible to all to help those concerned about drugs and alcohol abuse. If your employees or organization members are tired of this struggle to moderate, if you think they might be overindulging too often, if they are seeking a new opportunity at a healthier and more balanced life, then we can help.

Our team has leveraged decades of combined experience and research in helping with drugs and alcohol abuse to develop something new. Combined with trusted technology and resources, we have created a platform that changes the approach to substance use and helps a person reach goals and milestones. It’s not magic, it’s not therapy, it’s about taking advantage of the deeply proven methods and applying the findings of over 30 years of research.

The success rate of this program continues to grow because it is self-guided and those who sign up understand that they have to put in the work. The program does not interfere with a person’s life, schedule, ability to work, or ability to socialize. Your employee or organization member will learn the keys to moderation and control. With enough effort, they will see just how much control they have over their decisions and also understand what can influence those decisions.

The journey of changing the relationship to drugs and alcohol abuse begins whenever somebody is ready to get started and as an organization leader, you can empower your colleagues by having resources available. It’s worked for others, it will work for them!