Understand and refine the role that alcohol plays in your life.





Validated in 7 clinical trials funded by over $4M in competitive NIH/NIAAA grants.


A 55% drop in drinking quantity, frequency and intensity in non-dependent drinkers.


A 50% reduction in alcohol-related problems for all drinkers.

Our self-guided, online program has been helping for over 20 years.

The CheckUp

First complete the CheckUp—a 30 minute assessment that scientifically evaluates your unique relationship with alcohol, explains viable strategies for change, and facilitates planning to accomplish your goals.  Simply completing a CheckUp helps many reduce their alcohol-related problems.

Choices—Moderate or Abstain

For individuals who are ready to make a change, and want support, the Choices program provides evidence-based interventions proven successful for moderation or abstinence.  Motivational and cognitive behavioral exercises teach skills and strategies for a healthier life.  Drink trackers, email reminders, and text messaging support you throughout your journey. 

The CheckIn

Every 90 days after completing the CheckUp, the CheckIn measures progress over time in critical areas such as alcohol-related problems, depression and anxiety, validating progress towards the goal of moderation or abstinence, or suggesting alternative strategies for success.

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