Research-Based & Clinically Validated

We didn’t just read others’ research, we’ve done our own for the past 30 years, and clinically tested our approach.

Non-Judgemental & Empowering

We apply our research to give you objective, non-judgmental insight into your drinking habits and risks, then guide you to help yourself, for lasting results.

Personal & Confidential

We apply our approach to you individually and your personal situation, but everything is private and secure – not even your doctor will know unless you choose to share.

We help with:

Alcohol Opioids Cannabis Stimulants

CheckUp & Choices Researched-Based & Clinically Validated

Our team of clinical researchers has been developing and evaluating programs to help people change their drinking or drug use for over 30 years now. And we’ve created a number of programs that make up what is now 

  • Drinker’s CheckUp. If you’re wondering about whether you should cut back or quit drinking, start with our CheckUp. It’s a “deep dive” for looking at your drinking behavior, getting objective feedback, and making a plan of change if you decide to change your alcohol consumption habits. It’s effective because it helps you increase your own internal motivation to change.
    • The Check-In is a 3-month follow-up to the CheckUp that gives you objective feedback about your progress in changing your drinking and reducing alcohol related problems. You can take it every 3 months.

Taking Steps to Change Your Drinking or Drug Use

Our Choices programs are based on cognitive behavioral strategies and helping you maintain your motivation to change and persist with your efforts. 

  • Cutting Back? If you’ve already decided to cut back your drinking, our Moderate Alcohol program can help you be successful. (We’ve been evolving that program since the early 90’s.)
  • Quitting alcohol? Our Abstain Alcohol program can help you succeed.
  • Drug use? We have programs to help people stop their use of
    • marijuana (cannabis)
    • stimulants
    • opioids
    • compulsive gambling

Within each program we offer a guided email option. This is a 12-week course of weekly emails that helps you step-by-step go through the exercises, develop plans, and consider how successful you’ve been.

Freedom In Your Choices

Many substance use programs fail for a simple reason: they take away your choice on how to live your life each day.

While there is merit to traditional approaches, such programs are oftentimes less focused on balance and making positive choices. Finding the right alcohol treatment program can be difficult. This is why CheckUp & Choices created a proven, research-backed program that focuses on giving you the freedom to make your own decisions with a better understanding of who you are and what your limits are. People who are struggling with drug or alcohol dependence have seen success through CheckUp & Choices program. By understanding your goals, limits, and what works for you, you can achieve a healthy balance and reclaim control of your life. For some that will be with a goal of moderation while others may choose a goal of stopping or abstaining.

Whether you are making some changes or are still considering your options, our CheckUp & Choices can help complement your efforts. Give yourself the confidence needed to tackle each day knowing that you can maintain your healthy habits. When you begin with the program, you will see what so many others have: a new way to track your decisions and understand your thought processes throughout the day. This can help you identify your triggers and understand the factors that may lead you to make decisions that sometimes work against your goals.

The more data you have, the easier it will be to make better informed decisions that will benefit your short- and long-term health. Get started today with our clinically validated, confidential program that places at your fingertips all the resources you need throughout your journey to a healthier, more balanced you.

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