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What You Should Do: Being Responsible with Alcohol & Drug Use During Summer Festivities

Get Started Summer is typically the time of year that almost everyone looks forward to most, including teenagers and adults alike. School is out and it’s time to go to pool parties, attend barbecues and cookouts, go on road trips, take family vacations to the beach, and participate in all the other adventures that happen […]

How to Help Someone Who Binge Drinks (Plus Binge Vs Heavy Drinking)

Get Started Binge drinking is a widespread problem in the U.S. Data shows that one in six Americans tends to binge drink from time to time – with 25% of them doing it on a weekly basis. Binge drinking can not only affect a person’s health but can also have social and economic consequences. People […]

Natural Recovery from Alcohol and Drug Misuse: A Good News Series

Get Started This piece is the second in the Good News series on recovery and the good news that comes when people cut back or stop drinking alcohol or using drugs.  The Big Picture: How Common is Heavy Drinking? Jalie Tucker and her colleagues have recently published a significant review of the field of natural […]