Just How Much Alcohol Is Really in That Drink? Maybe More than You Think

Alcohol Is in That Drink

One of the first steps in learning how to stop drinking so much is to determine how much alcohol is in your favorite drink. It may well be more than you think.
Now more than ever, in the age of supersize drink pours and growing wine glasses, it’s important to understand the alcohol content %, in order to determine how many “standard drinks” are in your glass.
For example, your nightly glass of wine wine could actually be equivalent to 2 or even 3 standard drinks ( as opposed to 1) based on the size of the glass and wine’s alcohol content. To help you figure out how many standard drinks are in your favorite drink at CheckUp & Choices we’ve put together a calculator, and an A-Z list of common beer and drink brands with their corresponding alcohol %, so you can be able to compare apples (wine) to oranges (liquor). However, to start, it’s important to understand the definition of a standard drink.

A standard drink is…

Next, it’s essential to figure out how many “standard drinks” are actually in your favorite drink.

If you usually drink a glass with 3 oz. of vodka every night, or a pint of beer which is equal to 16 oz., the number of standard drinks will change depending on the % of alcohol and quantity.

To determine the % of alcohol, look at the bottle to find the alcohol % noted.  How big is the bottle? Consider the size. Beer bottles, for example, come in a variety of sizes ranging from 8 to 40 oz. If the alcohol content is unclear click here for the full list of beers, wines, wine coolers, liquors and liqueurs. Scroll down the page until you locate your favorite drink. The alcohol content will be listed in the column to the right. Note that .05 = 5%, and .40 = 40%. If you drink outside the home, and you’re unclear exactly how much alcohol the bartender pours in your favorite drink, the only way to find out is to ask.

Once you’ve determined the size (oz., mls.) and alcohol %, enter the information below to figure out just how many standard drinks are in your favorite drink.

Here’s the number of standard drinks in that drink:

Lastly, If the answer above leaves you wondering or concerned about your drinking, click on the Screener button at the top of the page and get some objective feedback. It’s confidential and anonymous.