CheckUp & Choices is proud to introduce you to our innovative program that allows people to take back control of their ability to make healthier choices. We all battle with vices, cravings, and addictions. What keeps us centered is our ability to commit to moderation or simply decide not to indulge in the substances or activities that have a way of taking over our lives. Many people have lost that control over their decision making and that’s where this program comes in.

If you think this type of technology is new, you’d be surprised. While the platform of CheckUp & Choices is innovative and groundbreaking, the concept of utilizing new technology to track our habits and progress is not. Millions of people use apps and devices to help them track their walking steps, their food intake, their sleep patterns, their time management, and more. They track these things to better understand their strengths and weaknesses in accomplishing goals.

By tracking your daily routine, you can see where the decisions are made to use alcohol and drugs. Understanding when and why we make these choices allows us to regain control over our decision making and remove the control these substances have over our lives. Again, the platform is innovative and unlike anything you’ve seen before. However, the concept is already utilized by millions of people in their daily lives to track and improve in other areas. Now you can use the same concept in your struggle to change your alcohol or drug use. Our platform offers you a path to better wellness and a healthier life.

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