I think because I went in wanting some meaningful feedback I was very honest in my answers.  The tone the checkup was encouraging.


The results were eye opening, I didn’t think I spent as much money on wine as the website said. Very helpful to look at things from a money perspective.


This gave me some much needed clarity on where I stand right now.


I like the fact that it has data to back up statements being made, and it shows where I am compared to the general population in a number of areas.


I have a better understanding of what moderation looks like; how number of drinks over time drinking affects BAC.


I like the fact that this checkup gives me a nuanced and realistic assessment of where I stand at the moment, and what I can do next. That reduces feelings of hopelessness and depression and motivates me.


I think this is great. As a health practitioner, I appreciate the incorporation of evidence in your questioning.


I liked the way the questions were framed.  There is an increased mindfulness when answering specific questions about a drinking pattern that helps to open one’s eyes to see the pattern for what it is.


Thank you.  This helped me face things I was trying to hide so I can move forward and change.


I love how you made the user to not be afraid to tell you everything, while having them come up with their gameplan. That really simplifies it for the user to make it easier on themselves.


At CheckUp & Choices, we go to great lengths to ensure our clients' personal information is secure. Because our platform is gathering data from your daily input, we are constantly elevating our security measures and leaving nothing to chance. Our clients’ privacy and confidence in us is of the utmost importance.

Not only do our clients’ feel that their data and information are secure, they also appreciate the ease of use of our platform. They value how reliable it is in collecting critical information then presenting it to them in a relatable way. Our platform shows our clients exactly what leads them to make poor decisions around alcohol and drug consumption so they can find healthier ways to live.

As we all struggle with vices, bad habits, and addictions, we need a steady and unbiased companion who can provide us with honest information about the choices that can impact our lives. Every decision we make is influenced by something whether it’s hunger, frustration, joy, nervousness, tiredness, excitement, stress, elation, or something else. The CheckUp & Choices program is not designed to counsel you or interfere with your daily life.

That is the difference between this and other programs that offer help for those struggling with substance use. You will have the freedom to make your own choices and the independence to move forward with them. This program works for those who put in the time and energy needed to make real change in their lives and it can do the same for you.

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