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I’m very happy to have found your website today. It has given me confidence that I can control my drinking, to achieve the goals I want for myself – ultimately being happier and healthier


I appreciated the neutrality of the language as well as the clear agency given to me. I have not sought out other programs because they often seem too preachy or feel like they want to “fix” me.


I’m so happy about this option. The price of this service scared me at first, but then I thought about how much I spend on wine monthly and it seemed a good trade. Thanks for providing an attractive and easy to use support system.


I like the fact that this checkup gives me a nuanced and realistic assessment of where I stand at the moment, and what I can do next. That reduces feelings of hopelessness and depression and motivates me.


Doing it online in a form it was easier to be honest about my actual drinking habits I think if I was talking to a live person, I would feel ashamed and be tempted to minimize things. I also tend to learn best by reading so this particular style of self-assessment is quite helpful for […]


This check up is so helpful in that it gives immediate feedback. I can’t say I was shocked with how bad my drinking has become but by seeing it in comparison to others, in charts and graphs and in writing, this impacted me more than anything has so far.


I really like that the CheckUp experience asks very specific questions. It doesn’t “judge” or scold you for your answers or results, it simply presents the facts. It is very helpful that it presents forms to help in making plans of action for change.


The assessment was very thorough which was good and gave me a very good idea of the extent of my problem…I like how this program gave suggestions with statistical information but still gives the user the choice.


I appreciated the blend of “check the response” and personally written questions and how each managed to be informative and reflective. I also liked how there were sections informational sections and professional education embedded throughout the CheckUp.


I like the daily reminder being sent to my phone. I like all the information about the reality of addiction. good resources. A very good tool so far. And not pushing to abstain at first.


It was a lot more detailed than I expected or have seen elsewhere, consequently giving me a more detailed and accurate picture of my relationship with my drinking and how I compare with others. Very informative!


CheckUp walked me through a non-judgemental overview of my drinking history, problems and goals. I’m 30 minutes in and it’s already worth every penny.