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The information is provided without emotion — it’s straightforward and direct. The questions seem to get at the broader causes of realities of drinking, and the resulting feedback feels very real and helpful for me.


While I have been working with a very helpful counsellor, I particularly liked the whole exercise, namely the degree of expertise and what appears to be a very science based approach along with the workflow and how it eases you in.


I appreciate the validated questionnaires and clinical approach. Applying science to my current struggles seems like a good fit for me.


I like that it was pretty easy to understand, often times when I have had to a health questionnaire online, the questions don't make sense and are super long.


The results were eye opening, I didn’t think I spent as much money on wine as the website said. Very helpful to look at things from a money perspective.


I like the fact that it has data to back up statements being made, and it shows where I am compared to the general population in a number of areas.


I have a better understanding of what moderation looks like; how number of drinks over time drinking affects BAC.


I like the fact that this checkup gives me a nuanced and realistic assessment of where I stand at the moment, and what I can do next. That reduces feelings of hopelessness and depression and motivates me.


I think this is great. As a health practitioner, I appreciate the incorporation of evidence in your questioning.


I liked the way the questions were framed.  There is an increased mindfulness when answering specific questions about a drinking pattern that helps to open one’s eyes to see the pattern for what it is.


Thank you.  This helped me face things I was trying to hide so I can move forward and change.


I love how you made the user to not be afraid to tell you everything, while having them come up with their gameplan. That really simplifies it for the user to make it easier on themselves.