Our free alcohol screener and CheckUp will give you objective feedback about your drinking habits. Our Choices programs empower you to cut back or quit.


You’ve probably witnessed it yourself, and researchers agree: heavy drinking is on the rise. According to one study, there was a 39% increase from 2019 to 2020 (JAMA Sept 2020). Today, the NIH estimates more than 1-4 adults drink heavily. Join the tens of thousands who have used our program to cut back or quit.

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Our screener asks ten questions about your drinking to get you started. Want more detailed feedback and recommendations? Sign up for the full CheckUp.


Our 30 minute CheckUp helps you take a detailed look at your drinking, gives you personalized, objective feedback, and helps you consider ways to change.


Want to cut back? Our Moderate program helps you decide what level of drinking is right for you and guides you to develop skills that will become positive long-term habits. Want to stop drinking altogether? Our Abstain program can help you do that. Both programs utilize clinically validated, cognitive-behavioral tools to help you learn about your triggers, address your cravings, and manage your moods.


How? Simple exercises help you progress at your own pace. The program structure helps these new habits stick. We’ll email you weekly tasks to guide your progress. After 12 weeks, CheckIn. This shorter, follow-up assessment will provide updated feedback based on the changes you’ve made.


Randomized clinical trials have shown that our CheckUp alone is enough to motivate people to adjust their habits. We’ve also tested our Choices programs and found that participants maintained the changes they made long after completing the program. If you want to change, we can help.


We’re committed to giving you solutions that work. Our research has been peer-reviewed and published in leading scientific journals. Our protocols for alcohol have been evaluated in randomized clinical trials that were supported by grants from NIAAA/NIH. Parts of our programs have been listed on SAMHSA’s National Register of Evidence-Based Programs and Practices.