Our free alcohol screener and the CheckUp can give you objective feedback about your drinking. Then, if you decide to change, our Choices programs can help you be successful in changing.

You’re Not Alone

More and more people are using online resources to look at their drinking and decide what, if anything, to do about it. If you have questions or concerns about your drinking, join the thousands who CheckUp & Choices have already helped.

The Free Screener

The screener asks ten questions about your drinking and gives you objective feedback. Based on that, you can then register and proceed through the CheckUp.

The CheckUp

The CheckUp helps you take a detailed look at your drinking, get objective feedback, and consider your options. It will not, however, label you or tell you what to do. That’s always your choice.

Your Choice

When done with the CheckUp, you can choose to do nothing, cut back, or stop drinking. The Moderate program helps you develop the skills to successfully cut back on your drinking. The Abstain program is for those who decide to stop drinking altogether. Though achieving different goals, both programs utilize clinically proven, cognitive behavioral tools.


The program can send you weekly emails with links to exercises that guide you through a natural, 12-week, sequence. At 3 months, the program will email you an invitation to login for a follow-up - the CheckIn. Your feedback will focus on the changes in your alcohol-related problems and general wellbeing.

The Results

The CheckUp, Moderate, and Abstain elements in the CheckUp & Choices program have been proven to help individuals change their drinking. Three randomized clinical trials have found that the CheckUp alone was enough to motivate individuals to change their drinking. The Moderate and Abstain modules have also been proven to work in randomized clinical trials. If you decide to change, our program can help you be successful.

The Evidence

We’re committed to giving you solutions that work. That’s why all of our interventions for alcohol have been evaluated in randomized clinical trials that were supported by grants from NIAAA/NIH. Parts of our programs have been listed on SAMHSA’s National Register of Evidence-based Programs and Practices.