Steps to Healthier Lifestyles in 2022

2022 is here and many people are looking to make a New Year’s resolution that will improve their health and wellness. But “wellness” as a whole is such a broad concept that you might not know exactly where to start. Should you begin with cleaning up your diet or signing up for the gym? Should you go vegan or just commit to vegetarian Mondays? Must you completely stop drinking or can you practice alcohol moderation? What’s the best and most realistic way for you to achieve your health goals in 2022? Here are a few steps to get you started.

Steps to Healthier Lifestyles in 2022

Keep It Simple

What exactly about your health do you want to change or improve? Maybe your goal is learning to better manage a chronic condition, like diabetes, without letting it affect your social life. Maybe you want to lose weight after having a baby. Or maybe you are looking to become more mindful about your drinking or smoking habit.

Generally speaking, there are a few things you can do to improve your health, such as:

Start Eating More Vegetables

Eating a diet rich in fresh vegetables and fruits is known to reduce the risk of many leading causes of death and illness, including type 2 diabetes, obesity, cardiovascular disease, and even some cancers. Despite this, only 9% of adults in the US eat the recommended amount of veggies.

When it comes to your health, your plate can make the biggest impact. Make sure to load it up with vegetables at least once a day. Instead of snacking on a bag of chips, try eating carrots with hummus. Add mushrooms and tomatoes to your eggs for breakfast.  Have a green smoothie for the mid-morning case of the munchies. Your body will thank you.

Move Your Body

Exercising is another pillar of a healthy lifestyle. Plenty of studies show that even light exercise – like yoga or walking – can lower your risk for depression, type 2 diabetes, stroke, and some cancers.

If you want to become fitter, improve sleep, or boost cognitive function, make time for an activity you enjoy at least 3 times every week. It doesn’t have to be weight training or running – it could be going camping with your kids, hiking in nature, or going for bike rides with your buddy.

Practice Alcohol Moderation (or Give Up the Habit Altogether)

According to the latest Dietary Guidelines, drinking alcohol in moderation means having 1 drink or less in a day for women and 2 drinks or less in a day for men. If you are of legal drinking age and choose to drink, doing it in moderation is key to protecting your health. To make sure you are drinking in a way that doesn’t compromise your health, consider sticking to these tips:

  • Choose low-sugar drinks such as spiked seltzer, light beer, or dry wine instead of cocktails and sweet wine.
  • Do not drink on an empty stomach.
  • Set a limit for 1–2 drinks per occasion.
  • Drink one glass of water before each alcoholic drink.

How CheckUp & Choices Can Help With Alcohol Moderation

If you think your drinking habits are adding to your health concerns, consider taking this free 10-question screener to evaluate your behavior around alcohol.

CheckUp & Choices is a clinically-validated, self-help program designed to help people determine whether a change needs to be made and find the motivation to do so. The program has helped thousands of heavy drinkers reduce the intensity, quantity, and frequency of their drinking.

This is a two-part program:

Step 1: The CheckUp: This test takes 30–40 minutes and allows you to analyze your drinking/drug use and receive personalized (and 100% confidential) feedback.

Step 2: Choices: This is a self-guided 3–12 month program where you’ll learn practical tools to moderate or stop your alcohol/drug use.

We always suggest starting with the free quiz to help you get an impression of the program before you sign up for the CheckUp, however, we do offer a rock-solid money back guarantee to take the risk out of trying. For any questions or concerns, you can reach out to us online.