To maximize impact, we deliver our science using today’s best technologies.

Responsive Design

We engineered CheckUp & Choices to dynamically adapt to, and function well on, any screen size: smartphone, tablet, laptop, or desktop. All you need is an internet connection. We take care of everything else.


Alcohol and drug problems—and their causes—vary from person to person.  And evidence-based interventions are tailored to the individual. CheckUp & Choices dynamically adapts its presentation based on the needs of the subscriber.


Changing long standing habits takes time, sustained effort and concentration. It helps to have reminders, trackers, counters, and notifications. CheckUp & Choices incorporates these tools, giving you a continuous and customized support system that’s always under your control.


The patterns in the data help to accurately identify the problems, understand the causes, suggest the best solutions, and monitor progress towards goals.  Knowing what to keep track of, and then doing it, is difficult—especially with alcohol and drugs.

We make it easy for you to keep track of your drinking, your urges and cravings, and your mood and to understand the interactions between them.