Struggling with stimulant misuse?
Recovering can be challenging, but you can do it, and we can help.


Originally developed with SMART Recovery, our Stimulant Choices program utilizes cognitive behavioral tools to help you track and address urges, moods and triggers, and to find and form habits that work for you. Easy exercises help you progress at your own pace to help these new habits stick.


You may experience stimulant detox. It takes time for your brain to recover once you’ve stopped stimulants, and the longer you’ve been using, the longer the detox period might be. We urge you to consult with your primary care provider about detox before taking steps by yourself.


Urges and cravings tend to be “triggered” rather than totally random. Triggers can be external (friends who use) or internal (feeling low or depressed). We help you identify these triggers, then guide you through exercises to build and stick to a plan to better deal with them in the future


Urges to use are natural when you stop using, and though they can be uncomfortable, they won’t physically harm you. Our Urges section of the Stimulants Choices program teaches skills that can help you work through and resist urges.