Recovering from stimulant misuse can be challenging but people can and do recover.

What is it?

If you are concerned about your stimulant use, our stimulant module can be helpful. It combines exercises to help you consider your own motivation for stopping with cognitive behavioral exercises to help you achieve your goals, if you decide to change. The program was originally developed for SMART Recovery ( and we have tailored it for stimulants with the help of experts in the field.


Depending on your recent pattern of use you may need help with detox. And the longer you’ve been using, the longer can be the period of detox. It takes time for your brain to recover once you’ve stopped. So we urge you to consult with your primary care provider about detox before taking steps by yourself.

Urges and Cravings

Urges to use are natural when you stop using. While urges can be uncomfortable, they won’t physically damage you. Our Urges section of the Abstain module can help you develop skills to better deal with your urges.


Urges and cravings are usually brought on by “triggers.” Triggers can be external (using friends) or internal (feeling down or depressed). Identifying and then developing a plan for dealing with your urges is an entire set of exercises in the Abstain-Stimulants program.