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Giving up alcohol for just a month can boost your health.

Is it possible to drink in moderation if you’re an alcoholic?

Millennial women may become as likely to binge drink as millennial men.

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Losing booze for a month has several health benefits, sometimes months later.

Most people recover, often on their own.

The risks of moderate drinking are smaller than other risks in our lives.

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Internet-based interventions curb adult problem drinking.

Evaluation of Two Web-Based Alcohol Interventions in the U.S. Military.

A computer-delivered intervention to reduce alcohol-related problems in college students.

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Most people resolve their difficulties with alcohol, cocaine, heroin, and nicotine on their own, without professional help. However, research shows that behavior change happens slowly, and more support is needed to speed the self-guided change process.

That you ask this question suggests that you (or others) have some concerns about your drinking.

Other Resources

Pointing the way to evidence-based care.

Handbook of alcoholism treatment approaches: effective alternatives.

SMART Recovery® maintains a list of evidence-based, cognitive behavioral treatment programs.

Is a lay-led non-profit dedicated to reducing the harm caused by alcohol.