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Demand for health-related applications has extended the reach of in-person visits, reduced costs, broadened geographical access, and reduced stigma.

Approach your alcohol use as conscientiously as you do your diet or exercise routine.

Is it possible to drink in moderation if you’re an alcoholic?

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With 1 in 10 Americans saying they misuse drugs, doctors should ask everyone about both illegal and prescription use.

Binge drinkers in the new study were less likely than more moderate alcohol users to have chronic diseases.

The opioid epidemic and stalled progress against heart disease have dragged down life expectancy.

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Internet-based interventions curb adult problem drinking.

Evaluation of Two Web-Based Alcohol Interventions in the U.S. Military.

A computer-delivered intervention to reduce alcohol-related problems in college students.

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Pointing the way to evidence-based care.

SMART Recovery® maintains a list of evidence-based, cognitive behavioral treatment programs.