Our confidential, evidence-based, digital programs help people consider their drinking or drug use and decide what, if anything, to do about it. Our programs then help them develop the skills to be successful if they decide to change.

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What is it?

CheckUp & Choices is a group of online programs for people with concerns about their alcohol and/or drug use. Each program has evidence of effectiveness. These guided self-help programs use state-of-the-art tech to help people decide whether to change and then be successful.


We don’t label people or tell them what to do. We do provide personalized feedback that helps them make informed decisions.


Our secure platform keeps all information confidential and anonymous. We promise to protect individuals’ privacy and give people control of their data.


Access your account from any computer or mobile device - any time. It can be used by itself, with mutual self-help groups, and as a complement to individual or group treatments.

Scientifically Proven

Our programs have demonstrated significant clinical outcomes in randomized clinical trials funded by NIH and evaluated in peer-reviewed journals. Multiple elements of CheckUp & Choices are listed on SAMHSA’s National Register of Evidence-based Programs and Practices.