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CheckUp & Choices is designed to supplement the SMART Recovery program, to help you understand your drinking and, if you choose, to change it.

The programs offered here have demonstrated effectiveness in clinical trials funded by NIH/NIAAA. One study found that individuals who use this program in conjunction with SMART Recovery meetings had the best outcomes.

A substantial portion of your subscription fee is donated to SMART Recovery - so you'll help others while embarking on your own path to recovery.


The CheckUp is a comprehensive, point-in-time evaluation of your drinking that gives you objective and confidential feedback. Taking an in-depth look at your drinking can help increase your motivation for change, and give you a good starting point from which to track the changes you want to make. In a scientific study, this brief intervention motivated participants to significantly reduce their drinking and alcohol-related problems.

The CheckUp will help you:

  • Clarify your relationship with alcohol and its impact on your life, including risks
  • Consider whether or not to change your drinking
  • Assess whether moderating or stopping would be most useful
  • Provide a way of discussing your drinking with your healthcare provider, should you choose to do so.


After completing the CheckUp, if you choose to change your drinking, the Choices program offers cognitive behavioral and motivational exercises as well as trackers to help you achieve and maintain abstinence.

The Abstain Program will help you:

  • Increase and maintain motivation for change
  • Cope with urges
  • Manage thoughts, feelings, and behaviors
  • Live a balanced life and reduce risk of relapse

While you can subscribe for as little as 3 months, we recommend a minimum of 6 months. Clinical research shows that it takes 6 months for people to change long standing habits. We also offer a risk-free, money-back guarantee.

3 Months - $79

(88 cents a day)

12 Months - $149

(40 cents a day)