Check on your drinking or drug use, and get the tools to help you change if you choose to.

The Science

Pioneered by acclaimed clinical researcher, Reid K. Hester, Ph.D., our evidence-based tools are the culmination of years of rigorous research, millions of dollars of National Institutes of Health grants, multiple randomized clinical trials, and peer-reviewed publications.


Research grant funding received through the National Institutes of Health and invested in developing and testing our tools.


Randomized clinical trials with hundreds of participants over multiple years.

Our tools are listed on the Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration (SAMHSA) official registry of verified, evidence-based interventions.

The Results

Our tools get real results—that last over time.

The Checkup

High peak blood alcohol contents (BACs) are a big risk for alcohol problems like DWIs and injuries. Study participants significantly reduced their peak at both 1 and 12 month follow-ups.

Peak Blood Alcohol Content (BAC)

Results of a randomized clinical trial of the Checkup published in the Journal of Consulting and Clinical Psychology.

Cutting back

Our tools for cutting back have been tested and are proven.They can help reduce how often you drink, how much you consume when you do drink, and the alcohol-related problems that result from your drinking.

Days Drinking (per week)

Results of a randomized clinical trial of Moderate Drinking, published in the Journal of Consulting and Clinical Psychology.


Our cognitive behavioral tools will help you get and stay sober. In our study, people who used our tool to help them stop drinking reported a significant reduction in their alcohol and drug-related problems and a significant increase in sobriety.

Alcohol-Related Problems

Results of a randomized clinical trial of Overcoming Addictions published in the Journal of Medical Internet Research.

For People Like You

Thousands of people—just like you—have benefitted from our tools.

  • Overcoming Addictions was very helpful. I like how it built on itself as it went along. I also liked the tone of the language on the site. It felt very understanding and non-judgmental.

  • I loved the (Overcoming Addictions) course….and it was very helpful to me in making the changes I wanted to make.

  • I went to a local "addiction" expert who wanted to know about my relationship with my parents and concluded after 40 minutes my only hope was AA.... All I asked was some advice about moderation techniques which your site hit right on the button. Its already making a difference, just needed help on focus on the issue. Thanks.

  • I took the (Overcoming Addictions) course for 3 months. Used it as my own personal IOP program. Learned a lot about the SMART tools and exercises. Helped me to stay focused AND addiction free. Thanks.

  • The Moderate Drinking program has helped me become stronger and more confident.


Media Coverage

Some of the most prominent publications and journalists have covered the effectiveness of our approach.